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Strategic Alliance of Communities Rejecting Youth Destruction is made up of people from organisations, from the voluntary, faith and private sectors, parents, young people and Local Government and health organisations, all of whom are committed to tackling the knife and violent crime in our communities.


By working together to identify solutions to knife and violent crime. This is not an individual problem, so we recognise that in order to try and solve it then we need to work together with those that want to achieve the same goal.

Self Development

By creating leadership and other opportunities for young people, so that there are real alternatives that will support young people in making positive choices. We need people who can mentor young people, as positive role models, organisations that can provide work or other opportunities for young people to develop or enhance skills.

Partnership Working

We will be working with organisations such as the media, local and national government, politicians, the Police, Health, and other organisations to look at how they can support us in our work. For example in some of the policies, laws, systems that are in place and how they may or may not have an effect on the work we are trying to achieve.



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