Our inaugral event was OFF THE HOOK!

We are pleased with the messages of support we have had from celebrities of all genre!

Wil Johnson (BBC Waking The Dead)

From stage to the silver screen plus an award winning stop off on TV Wil has been been trail blazing paths for others to follow!

Wil has agreed to attend & take questions from youth & parents about his industry & how to get onboard! he has a passion for our community recently being a mentor for Rudolph Walkers theatre foundation, giving up his time to work with school children!

Sound Byte from Wil..

"If we so called 'celebrities' have any leverage or sway, we must use it for a greater good!

Even our presence at a gathering, function or rally, can stir & create change amongst our young people.... I am happy to help... We must ACT now


Judith Jacob (Real McCoy & Eastenders)

Yes Judith is back with your phenominally funny brand of chat YABBA YABBA... as she interviews her friends icons of screen, music & radio asking them questions we have always wanted to know! We were delighted that she will be or compare of the day!

Sound Byte from Judith

I am pleased to be able to contribute to this rally as each time it is reported that a child has lost their life to another senseless murder my heart, like many other people, hurts. Hazel needs all the support she can get because something needs to happen to ensure that the lives of our children are not just 'News' fodder but loved human beings and a plan of action is imperative.