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Founder Hazel Nelson-Williams says

"We Are PARENTS having a large family of Five sons

We became incensed at the mindless killings which has taken place in London, let alone across the UK

This is a SICKNESS... a cancer eating away at societies very fabric of existence claiming the most precious commodity we have...

that of LIFE ITSELF!

We are just a normal family deciding to USE OUR VOICE against mindless acts of violence which is robbing our neighbourhoods of PEACE... instilling into all FEAR."

So we have formed The Foundation to do our part in affecting a mindshift change in our young people.

Our first event was the UNITY PEACE RALLY & FAMILY FACT FIND DAY! on 18th JUNE 2011

The event comprised of Workshops, seminars, film show on gang violence, speakers from organisations which heal & empower families, parents who have lost youth through gun or knife crime also spoke to us plus performances & celebrity appearances THE DAY WAS OFF THE HOOK!!

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It's not just about money, but if a thousand of us invested just £15 a month we'd have £150,000 a year to work with. That's enough to start a support network for families, helping to improve parenting skills and provide more positive activities that raise our young people's confidence and self-esteem. . We must empower ourselves to make this happen, but with power comes responsibility.

We are not a government funded organisation, we NEED YOUR SUPPORT please give genourously using the DONATE BUTTON AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE THANK YOU.

About The Nelson Williams Foundation